One of the jewels of the Costa del Sol is the dazzling little village of Mijas, which nestles comfortably in the mountainside at 428 meters above sea level. With spectacular views over the Mediterranean, its cobbled streets and quaint, old Spain ambience Mijas Pueblo is one of the most beautiful Andalusian white villages.

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Granada lies in the foothills of Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains. 

The Alhambra Palace, which has been described as 'the Jewel of Moorish Spain' is the highlight of any visit to Granada.

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The city of Seville is located on the plain of the Guadalquivir river which crosses the city from North to South. Highlights of a visit to Seville are the stunning Cathedral, the Alcázar Palace, Casa de Pilatos, the Town Hall and the Archive of the Indies (where the historical records of the American continent are kept). Don't miss out on the tapas. The city is credited with the invention and has more than a thousand bars where the choice of food, is virtually unlimited, from seafood to ham and sausage and from vegetable to cheese.

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Capital of the western world in the 11th century, Cordoba is the essence of Spain. Roman, Jewish, Islamic and Castilian civilizations which are captured in its streets.

A Jewel of Hispano-Islamic art, the Mezquita, with its 850 columns, double arches and Byzantine mosaics, is a legacy of the Ummayid Caliphate in Spain

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Birthplace of Picasso, the attractive, cosmopolitan city of Malaga lies on a beautiful sweep of bay in Andalucia. Blessed with sunshine and a spectacular quality of light, Malaga is a city of wide boulevards, swaying palm trees, lively nightlife, good museums and excellent seafood restaurants.

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Ronda, the dream city, is located on a plateau some 750 metres above sea level and with its historic quarter, the alluring landscape and architecture impregnated with history and legend is one of the most visited destinations in Andalusia.

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Marbella and Porto Banus made famous by becoming Europe's playground for the rich and famous, conjures up images of plush hotels, casinos, multi-million dollar yachts and Ferraris.

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The Costa del Sol is also called "Costa del Golf" and there are more than 40 Golf courses found throughout the region, in different towns and municipalities.

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There is much more to see in Andalusia, the land where with an average of over 320 days of sun a year, the marvellous relics of medieval Islamic Spain meet fabulous heritages of cathedrals, palaces and castles from later eras.

From the towering peeks of the Sierra Nevada down to the blue Mediterranean sea there is much to see and do.

The southerly region is the true home of typically Spanish experiences. Bullfighting, tapas, flamenco, the guitar itself, all began in Andalucía and remain deeply embedded here. Other aspects of Spanish life take on their most extreme forms here: Andalucian fiestas and the Semana Santa with its spectacular Easter processions.

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